Select Publications:

Chen, Di Francesco, Pineda, et al. (2022) “Turbulence and Accretion: A High-resolution Study of the B5 Filaments,” ApJ.

Chen, Di Francesco, Rosolowsky, Keown, et al. (2020) “Velocity-Coherent Filaments in NGC 1333: Evidence for Accretion Flow?” ApJ.

Keown, Di Francesco, Teimoorinia, Rosolowsky, and Chen. (2019) “CLOVER: Convnet Line-fitting Of Velocities in Emission-line Regions,ApJ.

Chen, Di Francesco, Johnstone, et al. (2016) “The JCMT Gould Belt Survey: Evidence for Dust Grain Evolution in Perseus Star-forming Clumps,ApJ.

Chen, Herwig, Denissenkov, and Paxton (2014) “The dependence of the evolution of Type Ia SN progenitors on the C-burning rate uncertainty and parameters of convective boundary mixing,MNRAS.

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