Graduate Studies in Stellar Astrophysics

University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

Applications are invited for one graduate student position in theoretical and simulation research in stellar physics, either on the Masters or PhD level. The start is negotiable and applications are currently reviewed on a continuous basis.

Research opportunities exist in a range of areas of stellar physics and nuclear astrophysics, involving the evolution of stars, the nucleosynthesis of stars as well as the hydrodynamic processes of the deep interior of the late phases of stars. In our group we have, together with our collaborators, over the past years developed several new, and highly competitive simulation codes that would be utilized in the available graduate research projects. Work would involve, for example, the nucleosynthesis and hydrodynamics of flash-burning in stars and the implications for the abundance signatures of the first generations of stars. The research would be embedded in an international framework, as for example provided by the NuGrid collaboration.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Victoria is the friendly home to 20 graduate students, 6 post-docs and 8 faculty members in astronomy involved in a broad mix of research in stellar astronomy and astrophysics, extra-galactic astronomy and cosmology, both observational and theoretical. There are active links to the researchers at HIA with interests in planets, star formation and instrumentation. We are building up closer ties to TRIUMF with their large experimental program in nuclear astrophysics and we are collaborating with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics. Research projects in theoretical stellar physics that link to any of these areas are especially encouraged.

Students that are admitted to the graduate program will receive a funding package according to the departmental guidelines. Details for the application procedure can be found here. To learn more about these openings prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Falk Herwig as soon as possible.

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