Stellar Hydro and Computation Days at LANL

July Mo 11 - Thurs 14, 2005, LANL



We will hold an informal meeting with the general theme of stellar convection hydrodynamics. Primary objective is to have unstructured time for discussions. A few short (30min) contributions will be sprinkled in for stimulation.


The meeting venue will be the Avenza Technologies meeting room (R202A) in the Motorola building (Mo-Wed) and some location TBD on Thursday. The meeting room in the Motorola building will hold 16 particpants during the open discussion sessions, and up to 30 for the presentations. There is a phone in the meeting, the number is 505.663-5606. 10 wired internet ports will be available to hook up your computer. In addition, wireless access (as well as cafe and snacks) is availbale in the Hot Rocks Cafe on the same floor of the building.

Woodward and Porter from LCSE/UMN, who participate in the stellar hydro days will bring about 8 students along. Their interest is varied and ranges from (astro-)physics to computer science. This motivated us to include some presentations on Tues using similar techniques (multi-D, multi-physics) to solve related problems.


The following have indicated their particpation for part or all of the meeting. All external visitors will arrive Sunday and stay at least until Thursday.

Bruce Fryxell (Georgia Tech)
Bob Stein (Michigan State)
Paul Woodward (LCSE/UMN)
David Porter (LCSE/UMN)
Bernd Freytag (Uppsala/Michigan State/LANL)
Chris Fryer (T, LANL)
Frank Timmes (T, LANL)
Falk Herwig (T, LANL)
Alexander Heger (T, LANL)
Galen Gisler (X, LANL)
Mike Steinkamp (X, LANL)
Rob Hueckstaedt (X, LANL)
Laurent Piau (U Chicago/ASC FLASH)

Please feel free to drop in at any time. This is an open meeting. Please respond by e-mail if you wish to be included in program and other meeting updates.


(if not noted otherwise R202A in the Motorola building, please check you e-mail for program updates) Monday:
9:00 am Welcome note, computer setup, cafe at Hot Rocks Cafe (same floor)

Monday is largely reserved for open discussion and work

6pm Dinner at Gabriel's (maybe updated)

9.00 am Open discussion, cafe
9.30 am Galen Gisler: "The asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs"
10:00 am Mike Steinkamp: "Turbulent transport and RAGE"

2.00pm Chris Fryer: "Supernova explosions" (maybe rescheduled to Wed morning)
2:30am Bernd Freytag: "A movie tour of stellar convection"

6pm Dinner at Rancho di Chimayo

Wed July 13:
9.00 am Open discussion, cafe
9:30 am Laurent Piau: "Towards simulations of the He-core flash"
10:00 am Falk Herwig: "Stellar convection hydro: Why does it matter?"

12:00pm Bob Stein: "LA astro talk: Solar Convection and Magneto-Convection Simulations"

3:00pm P. Woodward: "Simulation of Turbulence"
3:30pm B. Fryxell: "Turbulent Flows with strong shocks"

afternoon open discussion

Thursday: (meeting place TBD)
9:00 am D. Porter: "Red Giant Star convection"


If you have any questions contact Falk Herwig (, office 505.667-0452, cell 505.507-1358). Another contact is the T-6 (Theoretical Astrophysics) group administrator Dayna Gallegos (, 667-7380). The administrative contact for our meeting room in the Motorola building is Monika McCoy (663-5607).
We are all looking forward to a relaxed and fun meeting! Falk Herwig, Frank Timmes.
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